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Intentional Grounding

November 6, 2019

“Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field for practice. It’s about quieting your mind and getting into certain states where everything outside of you doesn’t matter in that moment.” ~ Russell Okung, Los Angeles Chargers (formerly with Seattle Seahawks) QB Russell Wilson in easy pose with gyana mudra  […]

I Sing the Motor Electric

October 3, 2019

“The changing of Bodies into Light, and Light into Bodies, is very conformable to the Course of Nature, which seems delighted with Transmutations.” ~ Sir Isaac Newton, Opticks (1730 ed.)   My first car was a 1962 Mercury Comet that I purchased for $1,100 from a co-worker.  Cherry red, with red, ivory and silver interior, […]

From My Heart

September 6, 2019

“Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder. Help someone’s soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd.” ~ Rumi Photo from @WCKitchen   As some of you know already, my mother passed away recently.  The new post I was in the process of writing will have to be delayed.  In the […]

Common Denominator

August 3, 2019

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~ Desmond Tutu   A note:  My summer has been a bit hectic thus far.  So, having not been able to find the time to write an original post for several weeks, I decided […]

A Bouquet of Yum in the Summer Sun

June 21, 2019

“Be still, sad heart, and cease repining; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.” ~ From “The Rainy Day”, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow   Last night I set out my bikini, all ready to celebrate the Summer Solstice poolside.  Before sunrise, the sound of raindrops on the roof woke me briefly from a pleasant […]


June 4, 2019

“We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by an infinite expectation of the dawn.” ~ Henry David Thoreau   “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  The phrase first uttered by baseball legend Yogi Berra about the 1973 National League pennant race is a quote that comes in handy […]

Nothing is Everything

May 9, 2019

“I love talking about nothing.  It is the only thing I know anything about.” ~ Oscar Wilde For the past month, I’ve been working steadily on an editing job for a friend.  The project is unique and inspirational, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the work, but it has kept me away from this blog for […]

Newton’s Third Law

April 3, 2019

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” ~ Sir Issac Newton’s Third Law of Motion (Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, 1687) Spring is officially here, ushered in a couple of weeks ago with the Spring Equinox.  Also known as the Vernal Equinox, its name signifies one of two times during the year when […]


March 14, 2019

“There are a great many people in the country today who, through no fault of their own, are sane.” ~ from Monty Python’s Flying Circus (TV series 1969 – 1974)     Happy Pi Day! In recent years, the increasing popularity of celebrating the number π on March 14th (3.14 being the first three digits […]

To Be Real

February 13, 2019

“Once you are real you can’t become unreal again.  It lasts for always.” ~ From The Velveteen Rabbit, by Margery Williams   If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you may remember reading that my 16-year-old cat Folster passed away last year, just before Thanksgiving.  Although I miss him and think about him […]